Stop Smoking Side Effects

Dealing with the Side Effects of Quitting Smoking…

Attempting to stop smoking can be a difficult task to master. When people come to the realization that they need to quit for their health, they may be unsuccessful many times before they can actually conquer the addiction. Learning early on about the side effects of quitting smoking will help a quitter learn ways in which to combat the symptoms, making it easier to get rid of the need to smoke.

It is important to note that the severity of the side effects will differ from person to person. The degree to which nicotine has a hold on someone will judge how difficult it will be for them to kick the habit. Many of the symptoms of giving up smoking begin to occur within 24 hours of your last cigarette. The week or two following are the most difficult to endure, but things do get easier the further along you get.

The most common side effect of trying to kick the habit is the change in your mood. Anger, irritability, and anxiety are all common feelings to have when attempting to give up cigarettes. To prepare for the many mood swings you are likely to experience, explain to family and friends your need for support and patience. Learn about other relaxation techniques, so that you will not relapse when the emotions seem to get the best of you.

Headaches are another familiar result of quitting smoking. This can be due to the increase of oxygen levels to your brain, as they will return to a fairly normal state upon giving up the habit. Headaches can also be caused the stress of quitting and insomnia. To fight the pain, over the counter medication will help relieve the symptom. Also, practice breathing exercises to get your head used to the new amounts of oxygen.

When many people try to quit smoking, they notice a subtle weight gain, which can drive them to want to smoke instead of eat. However, there are other options to pursue in order to keep the pounds off. Eating a well balanced diet and following an effective exercise program are two alternatives to picking up a pack of cigarettes in order to avoid gaining weight. Chewing gum can also help keep your mouth busy between meals.

Side effects of quitting smoking can vary greatly, but all smokers will have some withdrawal symptoms upon trying to stop. Support from those who have gone through the act of stopping smoking themselves is very beneficial, as they will have suggestions you can try. There are many ways to endure the symptoms of kicking the habit…it is just learning about the options that is essential for your success.

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